Sunday, 19 April 2009

Sunday 19 April - Spring and really green?

Spring has arrived again at Little Hampden - the bluebells are coming out. Click on the slideshow to see bigger versions.

Food miles

The Big Issue I bought last week had an interesting article on research done by the organic food company Riverford. Much of the data is counter-intuitive: for example bringing tomatoes from Spain or Italy at this time of year generates significantly less CO2 than using home-grown or northern-European ones which require heat to develop. Riverford has also gone back to using non-degradable plastic bags - mainly because they expect their customers to send them back so they can be reused many times. The arguments for these and their other green innovations can be found by clicking on the 'How green are we?' link on the Riverford web site It all makes interesting reading and challenges some of the simplistic green arguments.

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Helen said...

Fantastic photos David and yes Spring has sprung in Little Hampden!

Wendy and I used Riverford for some months a couple of years ago, but gave up as we didn't get through all the fruit and veg and a lot of it went to the neighbour's pigs! Every week, without fail - a bag of white onions! But we did enjoy the recipe card and various cooking suggestions for the more unusual veg. It's good that they are a forward thinking company and willing to change as and when required - interesting reading.