Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Tuesday 7 April

I’ve rather lost the plot over the last few days - letting go is good but doesn’t get things done. I did pick up a little litter around the Church this afternoon while negotiating the location of a waypost for one of the footpaths, so I’ll claim that for last week.

One of last week’s suggestions is ‘contact a family member you haven’t seen for a while.’ Not a family member, but a close friend has been in touch: Ray and I were in college together: I was secretary to his president of the union; he was my sub-warden in a student house. He emigrated to the States 30-odd years ago. We communicated for a while then lost touch. It was before the days of e-mail and Facebook. He tried to link up again through work and I remember receiving a call from his mother but she didn’t use the name I knew him by so we missed again. He eventually contacted me through the college alumni and it turned out that he was living near Atlanta about 3 miles from a hotel I used to stay in fairly regularly! We’ve kept in touch since and he and his wife had a holiday with us three years ago. He’s over in the UK in May and we’re meeting again then.


Helen said...
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Helen said...

My global impact - Tearfund have a carbon calculator and I ran through it and was alarmed to see that I generate 8.1 tonnes of carbon. 4 tonnes over my recommended personal limit!
I have done this a few times - with varying results. One time I increased the amount due to the fact I cycle alot - ultimately means you eat more and therefore have to buy more food?!
Hmmm? Wasn't too impressed with that!