Saturday, 11 April 2009

Saturday 11 April

I polished Brenda’s shoes this afternoon.

I wondered why this is a suggested action this week - is it the modern equivalent of the washing of the feet?


Helen said...
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Helen said...

...and very shiny they are too!

Well, we are at the end of Lent and
I have replaced the light bulb I removed at the start of the Carbon Fast and will finish off by asking God what he wants me to do next. Though, I do have a few ideas myself!
Over the last fews weeks I have really focussed my energy on all things relating to carbon usage and have decided to pledge the following:
*Once a month -switch all lights off for 1 hour after dark.
* Check the tyre pressures on my car once a month.
* I pledge, to only fly long haul every 5 years and short haul once a year.
*Reduce my car usage and use public transport more.
* I will continue to support the church in all environmental issues.
* I will continue to support David in this great and very useful blog.

I have really enjoyed contributing to the blog over the last month or so and would like to thank David in giving me the inspiration to design my own. If you ever have any spare time -please do check it out?

Happy Easter to you all and we may see some of you at Buryfields tomorrow morning?

Until the next time I swing by here....? xx

11 April 2009 21:23

David Harris said...

I replaced a 100w bulb in our shower room with a 12w long-life bulb today.

I'm thinking what to focus on next - green activities will certainy be one! Not every day, though.