Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Wednesday 15 April - reflections

Looking back over Lent and the Love Life Live Lent book with its actions, I have mixed feelings. It was certainly more varied and thoughtful than simply giving up chocolate or wine and it kept the Lent story in my mind. Some of the suggestions were fairly easy, others challenging but very satisfying when I did complete them. Some were inappropriate or just impractical - buying a coffee and giving it to someone on the way to work is not easy with my lifestyle and in Little Hampden! Others I just ducked - these left me uneasy as if I had sneaked a piece of chocolate.

The introduction to the LLLL book by the archbishops says "... with God's help we can change the world for good a little bit every day. Each of us can be the change we want to see in the world." So we need to continue - "Change is for life, not just for Lent" perhaps. I'll try to continue, quoting the LLLL icons when I do achieve something. And I'll accept reasonable challenges in the spirit of the book - so get commenting.

Where now?

I'm going to continue blogging, not every day (see below) and broaden again to cover lots of activities including, but not limited to

  • a whole range of Churchwarden activities: there are some mundane ones related to the fabric and some more important ones such as changes to the service structure at Little Hampden to encourage new members without alienating the existing ones.

  • green activities: I mentioned the book I was given some time ago: I'll challenge the members of the Church Environment Group to try some of its suggestions - and, I hope, come up with some of their own.

  • slowing down: I've bought but not yet started Stephen Cottrell's "Do Nothing to Change Your Life" I tried letting go a week or so ago and this didn't work very well - I now have 362 e-mails in my inbox. I think this is one reason why I won't blog every day - but who knows? There was an article in the paper yesterday "Slow Down London gives city time to relax" and there's a web site


rosie said...

I'm glad you will continue. I have a feeling that many more folk read it than make a comment. I don't like the sound of all those emails. I tend to keep the ones I can't answer straight away and then forget them. Sometimes that works a treat as they get sorted via another route -but others just sit there giving me a bad conscience!

Helen said...

362 emails - David it really IS time to let go....! We really let email dominate our working day - whatever happened to the good old phone call or memo....?!

Keep up the blog and let's try and raise it's profile within the Green Committee?