Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Tuesday 31 March

Letting go didn’t get me closer to the action but it felt quite good except that I’m further behind. Lots of outstanding actions from last week which I’ll carry forward to this. It’s actually a good week to look at the international sections of newspapers and to contact my MP about a global poverty issue. Contacting a family member I haven’t seen for a while will be a big challenge: I have no close family that I don’t see regularly. I’ll have a think about this one.

Feed the birds: we do regularly, and our squirrel who has no virtually destroyed one of our feeders. The other is squirrel-proof but he tries this, too.

Tonight’s programme on BBC2 Did Darwin Kill God? was an excellent argument for both evolution and God: catch it on the BBC iplayer if you get a chance.


rosie said...

This 'letting go' is interesting. Like Eddie I have a strong voice in my head telling me to get on with it.
I am one of those people who can't sit down till the washing up has been done! Trouble is of course that it is impossible to get everything done -so the danger is that you never get to just sit. I suspect that the letting go allows you to understand where to best out your limited energy.

Helen said...

Hmmm? Think most of us are just programmed to get "stuff" done. I love the idea of letting go, but perhaps only really achieve that when I go on holiday.....!
So with that in mind... Tearfund action was to make sure your electricity supplier has green credentials - ours does, but I really do need to find the time to check out the Ethical Consumer website/magazine to check out who comes top of the pile. I'll report back then....