Sunday, 8 March 2009

Sunday 8th March - end of week 2

Last week has been difficult - as you can tell from the absence of postings since Wednesday. I’ve been looking for a real chore to do - something that is difficult or unplesant - but I haven’t succeeded yet. I’ll keep trying. Perhaps as Bishop Alan said this evening, we have everything so easy here in the home counties.

I’ve tried to take Rosie’s prompt - gratuitous kindness, but I’m not sure whether I’ve done much. I have unblocked e-mails from a friend’s son in NZ - she did say ‘consider this your best lenten deed to date !’ I also thought I’d walk round Little Hampden picking up some of the litter - but haven’t had a chance. I’ll try this coming week.

I do have lots of blessings - 3 a day is very easy: family, friends, living in a wonderful place, colleagues, good health, lots of interests, too much to do (boredom might be a relief occasionally!) I’ve bought Stephen Cottrell’s other ‘Do Nothing’ book but haven’t had a chance to open it yet... I’ll save that for after Lent.

It’s the run up to Chiltern Young Enterprise’s Presentation Day - next Sunday, in The Elgiva: if you’d like to go along to see what local students have achieved, just follow the link on the Chiltern YE web site here or in the links. I’ve been advising the Misbourne group this year. They started with the idea of a recipe book but soon dropped this in favour of an internet radio station. They’ve been on air 24hours a day since January. They relay a commercial station - legitimately - during the night but provide real broadcasting during the day. It’s all automated so they don't need to be in the studio all day (they have AS levels this year) but it all sounds very professional. The school has been very supportive, loaning them a room for a studio and providing other facilities. You can listen on their web site - - and I’m sure you’ll be surprised that this is entirely the work of a dozen 16-year-olds.


Helen said...

Friday 6th March - Thursday’s entry left me looking forward to the sun and what a surprise when I awoke – the first taste of spring. It was Wendy’s birthday today and we did a lovely walk from the church and up to Hyde Heath/Ballinger and back.

After doing the energy check earlier in the week, I took the opportunity to ask our neighbour – who converted his cow shed into our home – Dairy Cottage, some 8 years ago, whether he had insulated the walls. Apparently the walls are solid brick and flint and he has dry lined them, so further insulation wouldn’t be possible. Our boiler is only 8 years old and a new one would be around £2k – with a saving of just £27 per annum, pay back time would be over 70 years! He thought we could improve insulation in the roof space and we’re going to have a look at the natural wool variety that is on the market.

Our neighbours thought we were doing a cost savings exercise due to the credit crunch and I was firmly put in my place when I was reminded of all the bikes I have in my garage! I explained that we were trying to our bit for climate change etc. The conversation got a little out of hand when I was told that a 747 carrying 600+ people to an overseas location produced less carbon that if those 600+ people took to their cars and went on holiday in Devon – I was speechless. But it left me doubting myself – can anyone clarify (David?) I really must get better at debating!

Helen said...

Saturday 7th:
Today’s task was to defrost fridge and freezer – maintain efficiency and allow more space for air to circulate. Our fridge is a self defrosting model and I was about to roll up my sleeves, when Wendy reminded me that Southern Electricity had seen to the defrosting of our table top freezer when the power had been off for over 24 hrs some weeks/months ago – unfortunately the contents had to be thrown away! So I must admit I had an easy day, though have reminded my mum and brother to check theirs.

rosie said...

This week isn't going to be too hard -I have a totally TV free week, probably won't get internet access, won't get in a car and have already paid for everything so won't need any cash. -That's 4 days sorted! Of course this stuff is just a prompt to look at what is gong on inside -and getting away is good for that. Maybe seeing GB through the eyes of the EU will be a stimulating experience!