Saturday, 14 March 2009

Saturday 14th March

A busy day preparing for tomorrow's Young Enterprise Presentation Day in The Elgiva


Anonymous said...

Day 17 Tearfund Carbon fast:

Buy food that’s being grown or produced locally using local shops and farmers markets where possible.

Since the Green Month at Church, Wendy and I have been more aware of buying food stuffs locally - couldn't believe our luck when we found that Wren Davies produce their own flour and it's organic. We make our own bread - well the breadmaker makes it! So it's just a short cycle trip to pick some up.

It really is important to use local suppliers - " Use them or loose them" We're going to continue shopping locally when ever possible. (Sometimes a trip to a large supermarket is a must though.) The other thing we've noticed is that we have tended to over shop and have now started to plan our meals out - waste is simply not an option! It's a challenge and our neighbours pigs only had 2 bananas and a small piece of cucumber this week!


David Harris said...

Your gain is the pigs' loss!