Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sunday 15 March - first baptism with holding crosses and YE

Today William was baptised and given the first of the new holding crosses. His mother allowed me to take these photos - of the cross but William is really the star!

Young Enterprise Presentation Day

I’ve not thought much about the Love Life Live Lent actions this weekend - but in the spirit of gratuitous giving, I think today’s YE event was exemplary. We had 60-odd students from the nine YE companies presenting their successes to a full auditorium. The standard was very high this year and I was delighted that the company from The Misbourne won the Premier Company award with their internet radio station. They are broadcasting 24 hours a day from their studio in the school: they don’ have to attend all the time because they have computer-based broadcasting systems which play out their prepared playlist and pre-recorded links. They are claiming 70,000 hits on their web site and 2,000 listeners. There’s a link on the right.

The gratuitous giving link is the team of business advisers who give their time and skill to support these students. Each YE company has two or three experienced business people to advise them - they only advise, the students run the companies. But it’s still a significant commitment of up to 2 hours per week in term time. However, when they see how well the students perform at an event like today’s they are invariable inspired to continue.

There’s a link to the Chiltern YE web site on the right and we’ll be putting some pictures on the site in a day or so.

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Anonymous said...

A busy day David - the Tearfund action for today wasn't as demanding!

Take a good look at what comes in and out of your home? Reflect on what you have bought and consumed recently and challenge yourself on your consumption habits. Do you need everything you buy? Pray about what you might do to change any bad habits....

A difficult one for me as I'm known for being a bit of a gear freak - devouring any new item reviewed in a cycling magazine and sometimes if I'm lucky,sometimes getting a call from a distributor and doing the reviewing! So that is, I'm afraid my downfall. However, I do go through that conversation with myself - now, do I really need to upgrade this set of wheels or do I need that jacket that has had such attention to detail. The answer is, I guess, no.
I really must pray hard for this one - or is it OK just be ME?

Helen x