Friday, 20 March 2009

Friday 20th March

After a not very good day yesterday (I didn’t get to update later as I promised) I achieved a number of things today. We went down to Gosport and while Brenda was visiting Gunwharf Keys, I went to the Hardway Marine to buy some bits and pieces. It was a wonderful day so I walked along the edge of the harbour. The slipway (in the picture) was built for the embarkation of the fleet for the Normandy landings - 65 years ago this year. It was difficult not to be taken in by the beauty of the day and the historical context of the surroundings. So the action Go for a walk in your neighbourhood and pray about what you see was impossible to resist.

I also walked around Gosport (God’s Port) where I found a Mind charity shop. This is a charity I support regularly so I thought there’d be a good opportunity to complete another action: Buy something from a charity shop and reverse haggle. I found two books - they were offering the cheaper one free. The lady was rather taken aback when I said I’d pay for both but she didn’t need much persuading. I then asked for her to keep most of the change: I had to explain but she accepted and was pleased in the end. So two actions today.

A little more about Gosport: walking further down from the slipway, I saw this hulk on the shore. I’ve no idea how old it was but it had been a wooden vessel with very heavy timber frames about a foot square. Gosport has built a millenniums walkway along much of the harbour edge with thousands of sponsored tiles with names of individuals and families - a great way to remember.


Anonymous said...

David, it sounds like you had a very full day. Mine, on the other hand.....
I worked from home today as I had to drop the car off for a service. I use a independent garage the other side of Aylesbury - I refuse you use main agent garages, due to price and I think we should support local businesses - "Use them or loose them".
Anyway, after dropping the car off, I cycled the 15 miles back home, only to find the car key in my jacket pocket...! Needless to say the service could not been done without it. So I cycled back the 15 miles and then home again. The garage called around 4 to say that it was ready and yes you've guessed it, I then cycled a further 15 miles - 60 miles in total. I did manage to do the rather urgent Big Lottery report that was due at the end of the day, which was a relief for all concerned!
It was as well the Tearfund Action for today, was to make sure your hot water tank was lagged with a jacket and our is - thank goodness!


Anonymous said...

A scary tale from someone who actively travels - cycles!
During my marathon cycle ride(s) yesterday, I was nearly hit by a farmers vehicle whilst cycling on the A413. I always adopt a fairly prominent position on the road - just over a metre from the curb. This ensures that the car has to signal and move out to pass me. Well, that's the theory and that didn't happen on this occasion. The driver indicated and squeezed passed me and the oncoming traffic. The worse bit was yet to come - he had a piece of farm machinery on a trailer that was much wider than his landrover. The "said" piece of machinery skimmed by my right ear with an inch to spare.
So I say to Mr Landrover, please spare a thought for those who actively travel as I'm not quite ready to have the Van Gogh effect quite yet and I will continue to choose my bike over the tin box any day!!


Helen said...

Hey David - I can now log on as me!
Not sure how or why, as I didn't do anything? Bizarre!!

David Harris said...

Logon: I think it's just one of those things - IT is a little unpredictable even now!

Your extra ride yesterday: you must feel fit -if frustrated - after that! And I think you're very brave to cycle on busy roads these days.