Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Tuesday 10th March

A busy day - but I did slow down again today: I had about 2 hours between sorting out a friend’s DVD writer (successfully - just) and leaving for a Young Enterprise meeting. I resisted the temptation to zoom through some e-mails and instead read the newspaper.

I’ve also been thinking about living on £1.40 a day. I assume this is eating only: there’s no chance of total costs being as low as this. I’ll have to think more about this challenge...


Anonymous said...

....Living on £1.40 a day, gosh, that would be a challenge! Let us know how you get on?

The Tearfund activity today was to choose products that didn't have lots of packaging - buy loose products and refillable products when possible.

A few weeks ago whilst shopping at Old Amersham's corner store (Tesco!) I watched a shopper remove all the the packaging from the items she bought and then left them at the end of the till area -sensible thing to do. I'm not sure I would be brave enough to do it on a busy Saturday morning. However,I always try and leave shoes boxes at the store.
With regards to refills, Wendy and I get our ecover products refilled from the taxi rank at the Great Missenden station - a bizarre concept for Kingshill Cars, but they obviously saw a gap in the market and you can save heaps.


David Harris said...

I try to avoid elaborate packaging but we've just about run out of plastic bags at home for things like taking boots in the car. We also try to reuse bags for clean rubbish. We use binliners for kitchen waste - and recycle or compost whatever we can. So I don't avoid simple plastic bags.

I also have 2 or 3 reusable bags (fabric and strong plastic) in the car but I still haven't got used to taking them into the shop! The new Deli in Gt Missenden has paper carriers - reusable then recyclable.