Monday, 9 March 2009

Monday 9th March - chores and FGP

I think I can tick off one of last week’s suggestions: Do a chore or errand for a member of your household. I ironed 18 shirts tonight - and a tablecloth and some napkins. I also savoured the experience of walking for the newspapers this morning: it was a beautiful clear morning and I took some pictures on the way. I’ve put one as today’s picture and I’ll post the rest when I get time.


I also think I must blog this - although it’s not a lent activity. I get e-mails of navigation warnings from QHM - the Queen’s Harbour Master of Portsmouth Harbour. The entire harbour is under MoD control and all movements are authorised by QHM - I’m not sure if disobedience counts as treason. The QHM Navwarn that arrived this morning said Motor Launch "Lynx Effect" is sunk in position 50 47.045N 001 10.905W (4.5 Cables to the North of Browndown Buoy) This is in our regular sailing area. So I thought I’d Google. Firstly Lynx Effect is that aftershave - their web site shows a video of a chap walking into a lamppost while looking at a girl. I thought there’d be a good accident ad from the sinking. Then I found some more sites: apparently, the launch caught fire spectacularly while on a training course - there are some amazing pictures on the training organisation’s web site - The boat was obviously a total loss but unfortunately everyone was saved.

I noticed that the fenders were still out; not the done thing - but some power boats don’t seem to know this. I then found another site which seems to be comments by the sailing community on a number of issues including this one. One was Fenders out. Vulgar bloody peasants. Another: One down, millions more to go . . .

Oh FGP? - our term for power boats of a certain type: Floating Gin Palace


Helen said...

David that is pretty impressive – 18 shirts! Hope you were watching something interesting on the TV. ( I find that numbs the pain somewhat!)

Day 13 of the Tearfund carbonfast:

Landfill sites are a major source of methane emissions in the UK. Look into reusing and recycling your waste and compost your food waste to reduce the rubbish destined for landfill sites.
We try and recycle most things (that is, stuff that that the council WILL take away and recycle centres ACCEPT!) and have a compost bin in the garden – though doesn’t seem to produce much compost. Come the Spring I think it will need moving to a sunnier spot. I’m hoping to persuade the farmer to build us a community-composting site; with 4 houses contributing we should have a goodly pile in no time!
To start composting, please check out .The good news is, if you don’t have somewhere to compost Bucks County Council have some alternative suggestions here:
Though at the moment they don’t collect food waste other than in your general rubbish.

Karen said...

Hi David
Just found your post relating to the sinking of Lynx Effect. Your comment mentions that the fenders were still out. The fenders were put out to enable a rescue boat to come alongside to take the crew off the boat. At that time no one imagined the boat would be a total loss and fenders were deployed to protect both vessels. On this occasion lives were certainly saved by the actions taken by the RYA instructor on board this boat.
Commodore Yachting Ltd