Thursday, 19 March 2009

19 March - what can I claim today?

I must study thebook to see what I can put down today. I have met two people who have given up chocolate. I'll update later...


Anonymous said...

Day 23: The action today is -
Give away unwanted stuff through Freecycle
( – this is a great way to reuse things and stop them going into landfill. Try and organise a Freecyle event for your church, workplace or local community to exchange possessions that are no longer needed.
A couple of weeks ago I inadvertently organised a church recyle - I sent out a plea for a sechondhand child's bike and response was great.
As we are lucky to live in such an affluent area, maybe we could do a twice yearly event? What do you think? Let's discuss the possibility here on the Blog?

Anonymous said...

I had to share this with you all - my cycle commute in this week has been SO fantastic - I saw a Red Kite, just feet away, taking in the early morning sunshine. The contrast of scenery is varied - great swathes of daffodiles on Hughenden Valley and the small church there was shrouded in mist, which was just breathtaking. The urban areas of High Wycombe and
going into Reading is a shock to the senses,but nonetheless interesting in their own way. I wouldn't have it any other way....!
It's moments like this that make
you feel so alive!

Love Helen

rosie said...

I agree with Helen -the Church is an ideal place to organise swapping stuff rather than throwing it away. It can't be beyond us to devise a system where one person's surplus becomes someone else's treasure. We'd have to watch out that we didn't turn into an alternative dump. One church I was at used to have sofas appear from nowhere in their church hall!

David Harris said...

I think a suported freecycle at Church would be a great idea. I'm sure lots of people have things they could pass on but just need the prompt to do so. I've not used freecycle but I know people who have and they think it's great. The other thing that Helen's cycle request showed is that if you ask for something reasonable with a good story, you'll probably get it.

But as Rosie says, we need to arrange swaps at Church, not get things brought and left in case others want them. Perhaps we start with the lost property box: umbrella anyone?