Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Wednesday 11th March - £1.40 a day

The contrast struck me last night between 18 shirts and £1.40 a day. I don’t think I can achieve this but I’m going to try to get close and record my experience. I’ve just finished breakfast - slightly less than normal - at an estimated 75p for food. I’m not going to try to guess power costs. And, of course, this would include delivered milk at 56p a pint and some fair trade items where there is a price premium. But I also had home made jam (blackberry and apple - all home grown) on my single piece of home-made toast.

Update - Lunch

Soup (Waitrose - but not one of the expensive ones) toast with spread on one half only; water: total 28p

Update - full day

I had a cup of Earl Grey tea this afternoon and tonight Brenda did a stir fry with vegetables from the garden. The only cost was 10p for egg noodles. So I estimate the full day at £1.50. I’ve included a breakdown below. I’m going to have a glass of wine to celebrate...


Anonymous said...

David you certainly deserve that glass of wine! Without the home grown veg I'm sure you would have smashed the budget completely - or gone to bed with a growling stomach!

My action today wasn't as challenging as that.... Check house for draughts,sealing up gaps in windows and doors. Now this is a job I have been putting off - our patio doors have a gap and require some work/insulating beading and I know that just pulling the curtains help at night, but heat will be escaping for sure.
I plan to look at it this weekend - time permitting!


David Harris said...

Helen, I think you can claim your bottle of wine now for the best blogger!

Anonymous said...

Thank you David! Though I'm totally motivated to complete the Tearfund carbonfasting action list, with or without that lovely chilled "carrot" dangling in front of me....!
I'm really enjoying it - though I perhaps should've followed the plan you are doing,as it would've been more of a challenge?

Helen x