Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Thursday 26 March


rosie said...

This is a 50/50 week. The babysitting isn't realistic -no free time.The other challenge is to give blood. At our staff meeting yesterday Sara gave a passionate plea for more of us Christians to do this.It has such a significant effect -if you need blood you really, really need it. Interesting that in the news this week was the report of a possible method of making synthetic blood. We get so many break-throughs that never seem to turn into anything -lets hope this is the exception.
There was good news at the school governors meeting last night. After a huge amount of effort -specially on the part of Margaret because of her deep commitment to green issues, they have just heard that they have been awarded the full lottery grant that they applied for -well done Margaret!

Anonymous said...

Tear fund suggest for today - switching off lights when leaving a room and to encourage your school,office and church to get in to the habit as well. I don't want to appear complacent - but I tend to do this at home and at work.Though I think it infuriates some of my colleagues!
Donating blood is something I have done in the past and something I need to revisit....


Helen said...

Hi All,
Just a quick heads up on what's happening this weekend -

It’s not long until WWF’s Earth Hour,
This Saturday, WWF are hoping that one billion people will switch off their lights and show the world's leaders that they have to take action to tackle climate change. But they need your help to reach that magic number and make sure we have the biggest impact possible.

Tell your friends
The most important thing you can do for the planet is tell your friends about WWF's Earth Hour. It will only take a minute.

...And it's a really good excuse to have a candlelit supper!