Wednesday, 18 March 2009

18th March - not too successful

One action left over from week 2 is Hold a fund-raising tea break. I was manning the Church Office today so I thought I’d do a variation on this and offer tea or coffee to all the visitors in return for a donation to the lent appeal. So I set off with extra milk. I only had two visitors? the first one didn’t want tea or coffee. So I made one cup of fruit tea and put £1 in the lent box. But I did try.

Where are you bloggers?

I share Helen’s concern: is no-one else trying to follow the various Lent activities? I think a number of people are reading our attempts but not sharing their experiences. Go on - have a go - it’s not difficult.

Larva lamp

I forgot to say: several people said my mystery bottle is the remains of a larva lamp.


Anonymous said...

Tearfund Day 22
Yep, have to agree with David not a very successful day, as today's action probably won't get done! I just can't see us removing all the radiators to place foil behind them (much easier to turn the thermostat down and put a jumper on!!)
Though I did walk through the house and none of the furniture is obstructing the radiators - so that's good.
Tearfund information:
Fitting foil behind your radiators – you could save around £20 a year in fuel bills also rearranging your furniture to allow heat from
radiators and heaters to get into the room.


Anonymous said...

Something I would like to share with you all and probably should've gone on Sunday's posting. Since the beginning of last summer, when I picked up a Rough Guide to Ethical Living, I was inspired by BND - Buy Nothing Day - a simple way to reduce your carbon footprint and buy less. BND has been running since 1993 and the challenge is to go without buying anything for a 24hrs. Well, as I'm one for pushing the envelope a bit, I aim to do that 3-4 days a week - which means planning in advance with making lunches etc. I was rather surprised by the amount of money I saved, as a coffee here and a sandwich there soon adds up.It really is a good feeling - Go on give it a go.....?
I've persuaded 2 colleagues to try it and they are still doing it!