Saturday, 21 March 2009

Saturday 21 March

After yesterday, it’s been a quiet day at home. Yesterday ended with a Little Hampden get-together at the Rising Sun - the first follow-on after the Friday evening when we were snowed in. We had a quiz organised by Becky and Alvin - and our team won! However, the big success was another community activity. One of the actions this week was Have coffee or lunch with someone you don’t know very well so although it wasn’t lunch, I did spend some time with neighbours whom I don’t know that well. We have another provisional date in the diary in a month or so.

I don’t like to be complacent but I never let the tap run while cleaning my teeth.


Helen said...

Tearfund action for 21st March:
When using the washing machine try and select 30/40 degree wash and always have a full load. Avoid using the tumble dryer.
Our washing machine is around 18 years old and we'll be choosing a more environmentally friendly one when it eventually dies! As for the tumble dryer - think we've used that 4 times this winter. I spent £25 on an airer and although the landing upstairs resembles a Chinese laundry on occasions - the fuel bill is down considerably. So money well spent!

My day today was spent shopping locally for lunch for Mother's Day - Wendy's Mum is visiting on Sunday. We then took my Mum out for her Birthday and Mother's Day treat - bowling and supper! It was really nice to do something as a family and we really must do that more often.

Ian said...

I think David has a right to be a bit complacent about water use. I know that under certain circumstances he switches off the water in the shower while he soaps up!