Saturday, 28 March 2009

Saturday 28th March

We're just back from a break in Birmingham. Although this is probably not high on anybody's list for a weekend away, it's a great place. Quite a few lenten thoughts, too. I'll update later.


Helen said...

Friday 27th March:
Today we need to be thinking about sourcing paper, tissue, toilet paper and wood that is recycled or has been accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council – this ensures it has come from responsibly managed sustainable forests or confirms that it is recycled (
We're very mindful of this, however I have to admit to not liking the recycled loo roll...! It just doesn't feel or look soft! Can anyone recommend a good brand...?

Helen said...

Today - apart from the WWF Earth Hour - incidentally I'm writing the blog by candlelight! Tearfund suggest that we look into tetrapak recycling - yoghurt pots and juice/soups cartons. - has a map and shows what regions provide recycling of these items. Alas, Bucks does not have provision and we can't even boast about it's immanent arrival, as it simply says "not recycling". So these will continue to go to landfill until the Local Authority has a change of heart - Tearfund have a template letter to download, which could be filled in and sent off to add pressure.

rosie said...

It is surprising what you can get used to! Tesco's value loo roll says it comes from sustainable forests and costs about 20% of posh stuff. Even I wouldn't go as far as my Grandparents and use yesterday's newspaper!

David Harris said...

Which? have tested t-rolls. Their best are Andrex Quilts. These score 89% with 5 stars (out of 5) for softness and 4 for strength. The best recycled only score 43% and 3 stars each for strength and softness - but they are 100 recycled. These Nouvelle 100% Recycled Quilted Luxury are also cheaper at £1.84 compared with £2.18 for 4 rolls.

I hoped my 'Shades of Green' book had some guidance but no luck.

Helen said...

Thanks for that David! And, yes Rosie I'm with you on the newspaper front....!