Friday, 13 March 2009

Friday 13th March - holding crosses

Remember the holding crosses from a few weeks ago? The first to arrived yesterday in time for Sunday’s Baptism.


Anonymous said...

...and very nice too!

Day 17:
We receive nearly 4 billion items of direct mail per year, one third of it unread.I registered our home under the Mailing Preference Service to stop wasteful junk mail- go to

Also Tearfund suggest that we all switch to electronic statements/bills. We have been doing this for sometime - apart from the mobile phone bill (I just don't trust them and want to see the itemised bill!?) So good not to have files of bank statements around though.


David Harris said...

Electronic billing I agree with - and I think the security aspects are lower risk than with paper. However, I have mixed feelings about so-called junk mail. Having worked in the business world, I know that most organisations are very aware of their costs and don't invest in anything without being reasonably confident about the return. So virtually all the unsolicited mail has been through a cost-benefit analysis for the sponsoring organisation. And in these times when we are being persuaded to help by spending out of the recession, encouraging people to spend wisely is not a bad thing.

Then there's the green argument: I expect virtually all unsolicited mail is on recycled stock and most gets recycled again (certainly in this house it does) so again, not too bad. I don't see any green arguments to stop advertising in newspapers and magazines because it's a waste. We should apply the same rationale to unsolicited mail.

Finally, there's the postal service: if paying to have this stuff delivered helps keep a good daily delivery service, then let's encourage it.

Unsolicited telephone calls, however, are a different matter: they take my time, usually at a very inconvenient moment. So we subscribe to the Telephone Preference Service to stop them. Any on that get through, particularly the recorded messages, I leave the phone off-hook so they pay the maximum for their wasted call!

rosie said...

I loved being able to give out the first one of these holding crosses this morning. They are beautiful and it adds a great dimension by knowing they are made locally. There is a basic concept of having something to hold on to when things are tough -even if you don't frame it in theological terms.Thanks David so sourcing them.