Monday, 16 March 2009

Monday 16th March - start of week 4

... and end of week 3. Quite a lot left over from last week and the previous one: I carried a £1 coin, uncertain where to leave it. I think I left an extra pound in the kitty on Friday evening in the pub. I was hoping to pick up some of the litter in Little Hampden - I'll carry this forward to this week. I did take a picture of a Pepsi can in the woods today: I don't understand who visits us and then drops litter like this; we have very few casual visitors other than those who come to enjoy the countryside and surely they won't drop litter. A fund-raising tea break, too, is quite a challenge: the only potential is in the Church Office and I don't think I could charge visitors there!

Week 4 - a few opportunities here. I can claim the environmental one of turning off the tap while brushing my teeth. Boating - where one has to be fairly careful with water - teaches one lots of tricks. I always have a 'boat shower' - don't leave the water running all the time!

I walked down to the post this morning and met Louise and her daughter, so a prayer for the family - and the new baby expected soon.

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Anonymous said...

Daay 20! Time flies!

Tearfund suggest that we only fill our kettles with as much water as we need. If everyone boiled just enough water for their cuppa, the energy saved could power over three-quarters of the UK’s street lights- pretty impressive!
Wendy and I changed our kettle a while ago from an electric one, to one that goes on the gas - it takes longer to boil, so that alone makes you only put enough water in for what we need. (Also the cats run all directions when the piercing whistle goes off - at least that gets them out of the kitchen and asking for more food!)