Monday, 19 December 2011

16 December – Charity

Choosing charities to support is a challenge: do I go for national ones or small? Ones that support local activities or abroad? I think I tend towards local ones and ones that connect somehow. What I do object to is the practice of sending cards or labels or similar ‘gifts’ on spec because although I understand the thinking behind these, I’m sure they make lots of people think they are under some obligation to support the charity. I’m afraid they go straight into the recycling bin or on the fire.

Looking back on the charities I’ve supported with my computer work, these have either been very local (youth work in the Church, Wycombe Winter Night Shelter) or ones that friends have been closely associated with (Midwifery with Altitude, Kidney Research)

And I do have some standing orders for charities, although having checked, I think I need to review the list!

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