Friday, 2 December 2011

2 December – Christmas shopping

Well, Stephen Cottrell today is all about shopping and avoiding getting caught up in the commercialisation of Christmas; buying the same simple present for everyone or shopping at charity shops. I did none of this! But I did manage to get away and get connected to the meaning of Christmas twice today.

First it was a wonderful Nativity play performed by a crowd of infants at school. The little ones were obviously enjoying it and really understood the story. Mary did get a little tired about it all and was sucking her thumb by the end but it was a great start to Christmas.

Later today it was the youth club The Zone. We had bought some simple Christmas decorations in Hobbycraft in Aylesbury. Several of the youngsters enjoyed making them up – sticking decorations on the trees. This again was an escape from the rush of Christmas and getting in touch with the real meaning.

But no shopping.... Tomorrow the diary is pretty clear so shopping may call!

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Nadine said...

Reminded me of the time Lydia was an angel and in the middle of Away in a Manger she announced in her rather loud voice "I need the toilet"!!!

I'm reading Maggi Dawn's Advent Beginning and Endings - Psalm 27 on the 1st.... Oh well better get organised to hit the shops!!!l