Thursday, 8 December 2011

7 December – mealtimes

I’m a day late with reporting this but the reason is significant. Yesterday was about Christmas cake and mealtimes. We have delegated the former to our daughter whose two sons like doing the icing. Expect an orange cake with knights on it.

However mealtimes rang a bell yesterday. Stephen Cottrell says “Bring back mealtimes! Start a new regime where dinner is on the table at a certain time and you all sit together” For some time the gang of deputy wardens we have at the Church have met regularly over a meal to review the past month and to plan the next activities. We have an excellent local pub which reserves a corner table for us and serves super food. And we do a lot of business. The companionship engendered by the closeness of a joint meal as well as sharing ideas, suggestions, problems and solutions makes us a much closer team and we’re much more effective for it. Yesterday happened to be the day on which our December meeting was scheduled. ’Twas meant to be!

We’ve extended the mealtime meeting to lunch meetings – a different pub which has good lunchtime food and a quiet table. We’ve had a few comments and some sceptics but it works. And I think this is very much in the spirit of Do Nothing....

Tomorrow – I mean today – homelessness

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