Tuesday, 20 December 2011

17 December – people

Well, I do know my next door neighbours’ names – and most of the people in the village, but that’s another advantage of living in a small community. We don’t see each other much apart from passing on the double bend or over the occasional village lunch – harvest was the last.

Stephen Cottrell talks about networks: I’m chatting to daughter Lucy as I draft this entry. And Alvin, next-door neighbour is online, too. I’m also trying to connect with an ex work colleague but she’s not watching her PC! These networks do keep us together. Ah – Ewa has woken up – she’s in Warsaw. So as well as drafting this, I’m chatting to Tring and Warsaw. The world has shrunk. I still tell the story of one of my IT Friends whose Skype webcam I helped to set up. I had an e-mail from her on Christmas day saying that she had seen her grandson in New Zealand opening his Christmas presents. Great!

The question in ‘Do Nothing...’ that asked ‘Do I only ever mix with people like myself?’ made me think. I remember having a pub lunch with a group of work colleagues on one project a while ago. I had recruited all the colleagues to the project. Over lunch it suddenly struck me that these were people just like me: perhaps it was just that we were all had similar skills. Or was it more than that?

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