Wednesday, 14 December 2011

9 December – Stillness

I’m even further behind and finding time is even more challenging. The suggestions for 9th December include ‘Treat yourself to a few minutes stillness today...’ ‘Listen to a piece of music or read a poem or just dare to be silent...’ It wasn’t quite what was meant but I did have several periods of stillness today: I was doing practice interviews for some year 11 students at The Misbourne. The stillness was while I listened to their achievements, aspirations, thoughts and plans. As usual a mixed bunch but some quite inspirational answers: one who writes stories to amuse herself, one who has built his own PC, one who has played basketball for the South of England, one whose answers were all well constructed, well thought through sentences, one who wants to study Physics and engineering – and enjoys art, but prefers the old masters to modern stuff.

The book says: ‘What are the things that get you back in touch with yourself? Treat yourself...’

Today was a treat.

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