Tuesday, 11 December 2012

11th December – Advent Themes


Advent themes by ZaKyr Davis

The hope we have in Jesus Christ, 
Brings Joy into our heart; 
And when we know the love of God, 
His peace He will impart. 


In searching for poems for Advent, I came across this very short – but to the point – poem by the very young ZaKyr Davis. It seems to me to sum up very concisely the waiting for Jesus’ arrival.

Carolyn writes: not all our poems need to be long, as a complete contrast to yesterdays, this one chosen by David would be a great one to learn by heart, it would be a wonderful thing to recite under your breath as you are being shoved out of the way in the supermarket, standing hearing some over stressed person ranting at an unfortunate assistant or just trying to find somewhere to park!


Your greatest gift to us is your love
Help us to keep your love in the centre of our lives 
And open our hearts to your peace

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