Saturday, 1 December 2012

Advent Sunday – True Rest

Today’s poem, the first of our Poems for Advent, is True Rest by Margie Casteel. It’s chosen by Carolyn

True Rest

Come with me to a quiet place
Away from all the noise and busyness
Let me wrap My arms around you
Enfold you in My love

Let me whisper peace to your heart’s storm
Soothe your troubled brow
Listen to the love song
I composed just for you

In Me is true contentment
In Me you will find what you long for
Come with Me to a quiet place
And receive rest, strength and peace

Margie Casteel


I’m starting our journey with this poem because in these troubled times, times of conflict abroad and disharmony at home, peace seems almost unachievable.
As we enter Advent, as the busyness increases, a reminder to come to the quiet place that is Christ’s love, is a good place to start.


As we begin to sink under the weight of all that has to be done
Help us to immerse ourselves in your love 
And feel your strength and receive your peace

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