Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Advent poem for December 12th - The Overshadow by Luci Shaw


The Overshadow

“…. the power of the Most High will overshadow you… “ -Gospel of Luke

When we think of God, and 
angels, and the Angel,
we suppose ineffable light.

So there is surprise in the air
when we see him bring to Mary,
in her lit room, a gift of darkness.

What is happening under that
huge wing of shade? In that mystery
what in-breaking wildness fills her?

She is astonished and afraid; even in
that secret twilight she bends her head,
hiding her face behind the curtain

Of her hair; she knows that
the rest of her life will mirror
this blaze, this sudden midnight.

by Luci Shaw


Our lives are full of light and shade, joys and sorrows, but darkness isn’t usually associated with angels. So many images of Mary have her surrounded by the light of the angels, but in her innermost being there must have lurked a shadow, fear of the unknown, being unsure that she was able to fulfill this task, along with the joy of knowing a new life was beginning.


Our lives are full of light and shadows
Help us to praise you as our hearts blaze with joy
And to turn to you in our times of darkness,   
Give us the strength and faith to do your will
As Mary did all those years ago

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