Thursday, 13 December 2012

Advent Poem for 13th December - God's Perfect Plan

Another short poem by ZaKyr Davis


God's Perfect Plan

God guides me every moment, 
He has a perfect plan.
I want to share His purpose, 
And proclaim Him where I can, 
The problem is, I try too hard; 
I Preach, push, and plead.
It takes a while to understand, 
It's best to let Him lead.
And when I do, it's oh so neat, 
To see His plan unfold.
It only happens though, I've learned, 
When I do just what I’m told. 


Again a poem from David, and what a practical no nonsense reminder of the fact that if we offer up everything to God that things will unfold and we will have a sense of being a part of that grand plan. That doesn’t mean of course that there won’t be part of our lives that can be difficult, sad, and sometimes almost senseless, but within all the mess there is love, compassion and mercy that comes from God.


Remind us that you are with us in all we do
Give us the strength if faith to trust in you
Whenever our path becomes difficult, help us to trust
Whenever our path is full of joy
Remind us to give thanks

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