Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Eve: The Stable


The Stable
The winds were scornful,
Passing by;
And gathering Angels
Wondered why
A burdened Mother
Did not mind
That only animals
Were kind
For who in all the world
Could guess
That God would search out

       Sr. M. Chrysostom, O.S.B.

Reach preparing scenery for the Crib Service - including the Stable


So here we are on Christmas Eve, and hopefully in the midst of the frantic last minute preparations, or perhaps during a few moments during a crib servive, we can try to imagine how Mary felt. This season especially we try and get things just right, and perhaps this is a time to realize that love and kindness matter, not whether you have matching napkins.
We need also to think about all those like Mary who are facing this time of year in unexpected places or without the people they love


Dwell in our hearts this day
Fill us with your love
Help us to see what really matters
Love, hope and joy
People to be with and a roof over our heads
Keep our expectations real
And our faith in all you bring

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