Sunday, 23 December 2012

Poem for 4th Sunday of Advent: You Give Too Much, Lord


You Give Too Much, Lord

You ask too much Lord, you ask too much.

You ask everything, my first thought,
my last words. You ask 24/7.
You strip me down to nuts and bolts and want my
ruthless trust, strenuous wholeness,
  deep repentance, heartfelt yearning,
patient caring, prayerful waiting,
gritty goodness, generous giving,
joy in hardship, life-long worship.

You ask too much, Lord, you ask too much
But to whom else shall I go?
Keep asking Lord, keep asking.

You give too much, Lord, you give too much
You craft me slowly, hand-on Potter,
gifting me with full-blown freedom
deep-sown wholeness, tender presence,
love past reason, peace in turmoil,
life-long friendships, light and laughter,
wholesome purpose, joy in nature,
radiant future, Love’s arms waiting.

You give too much, Lord, you give too much
Keep giving , Lord, keep giving

Ruth Guy
Stoke Charity, Winchester, England


The whole message of Advent is moving toward the greatest gift of all in the birth of Christ. This poem speaks to me of the whole-life adventure that is faith. What we are asked to give and what we receive work together to form a whole person. The giving and the receiving are both costly, but it is what makes you fully alive.


Lord, help us to receive your gifts of love and enter into the freedom of faith. Help us to respond to all that you ask of us, finding our true selves in the joy of responding to your call. Amen

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