Saturday, 28 February 2009

Day 4 - Saturday 28 February

A question for today: does tomorrow count? Some people say that Sundays (from sunset on Saturday to sunset on Sunday) are not part of Lent.

English Language again

I must divert from Lenten thoughts: I’ve spotted another fractured use of the language. I’ve heard two politicians using the term ‘ I identify with that.’ It was used in the context of agreeing with another’s statement, but in a rather non-commital way, allowing the speaker to take a different view in the future. I’ll add this to ‘we shall go forward’ and ‘a robust response’ as apparently meaningful phrases that actually mean a lot less when analysed.


Helen said...

Today's action was to reduce the amount of food that is thrown away in the household. We always try and plan our meals for the week and shop accordingly - though this goes awry when we get to, say Wednesday, and we don't really feel like making veg stir fry, but want a comforting bowl of pasta! This usually means the veg sits in the fridge wilting until I bag them all up and take them over for our neighbours pigs - Dotty and Pig! So even though we haven't eaten them, we've recycled potential waste in a different way!

Helen said...

Does tomorrow count? Well, I've done some digging on the internet and I'm confused - To be honest I hadn't heard you could take the Sunday's off until a few days ago and wasn't going to take much notice of it. But quite a few websites say this:

When observing fasting or abstinence during Lent, regard must be paid to the fact that Sundays are Feast Days, so the fast or abstinence may be broken. If one counts the days from Ash Wednesday to the day before Easter Sunday, excluding the Sundays, one will see that there are forty of them, corresponding to the number of days Christ spent in the wilderness.

Think I'm going to stick to original plan - hopefully someone who is better informed than myself can shed some light on this?