Wednesday, 25 February 2009

First day

I recruited some friends from near Rugby and Ramsbottom to the lent actions today - I know this isn’t in any of the guides but it’s good to spread the word. We met to have Lunch in Rugby: the Christian Aid checklists suggests that we give £4 if we eat out so I’ve added this to my lent box. We also had a discussion about long-life bulbs - in particular how the amount of light they give and the speed with which they start varies. Ian was worried about finding a replacement for 150w tungsten bulbs - have two versions, each available in BC and ES caps. One of these has a 10,000 hour life and will save £132 in energy costs and 504kg of carbon in its life.

I moved to the back of the queue for communion tonight but I don’t think that counts as giving ‘your place in a queue to someone’ However. we don’t get many queues in Little Hampden.

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Helen said...

Well, the removal of one light bulb caused much debate in our household! Anyone from the OH Committee will tell you that the lighting in our house is almost medieval due to the low energy bulbs everywhere - this meant torches and candles being lit at the end of one meeting....! Anyway the decision was to remove the main bedroom light bulb for the period of lent - it would've been far too easy to take one from a bedroom that isn't used.