Saturday, 14 February 2009

Lent is coming

What are you doing for Lent? A few years ago I gave up chocolate - which was very difficult as we had a week on the canals with friends and chocolate is good warming comfort food while working the locks! So it was especially hard. The spirit of Love Life Live Lent is to do something positive for Lent as well as giving things up. I’ll be trying to follow the book and reporting experiences here: it doesn’t look quite as challenging as Advent but we shall see.

Here’s an excerpt from the book and clicking on it will show a sample 6 pages. If you want a copy, contact me - we’re giving them away free but asking for a donation!

I’ve also found Tearfund’s campaign for a carbon fast during Lent. This is supported by a number of Church leaders. Their web site has several resources including a set daily actions for Lent. I’ll try to follow these, too - you can download the daily list and another set of actions from the links on the right. The Tearfund campaign page can be accessed here.


Anonymous said...

David, I'm up for the carbon fasting throughout Lent.


Helen said...
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Helen said...

Hey David, I've now set up an account and am looking forward to contributing to your blog throughout Lent.
Missed you in church today, a few people walked in that otherwise wouldn't have.
I hope your week goes well and catch up with you soon?


Anonymous said...

The Carbon fast sounds a great alternative for those who normally give up something they won't actually miss (ok, i won't really miss cabbage that much!)

It's something to get people thinking about the way we treat God's world and people.


From the 'YOOF' office... said...

I think we might try and encourage the love life live lent booklet in Wyred... not sure what they'll make of it.

we were at the Soul Survivor church in Watford last night, they gave everyone a bookmark with a short Bible reading for each day in Lent which i thought was a nice idea.


rosie said...

I like the idea of doing something life-enhancing for Lent. I guess you might choose to give something up -but that should be a seriously private matter.Doing something positive is good news -and hey -you might even enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

OK - so it's the day before Lent and I've printed off Tearfund's carbon fasting paperwork and stuck it to the fridge. Can't wait to get stuck into this and in a strange sort of way, I'm looking forward to the challenge of both working my way through the list and remembering to add comments on the blog!!

Helen - for some reason I can't log onto my blogger account!?