Wednesday, 25 February 2009


One of this week’s actions is to have a clear out. Here are some resources


SARA said...

Well a small step but yesterday I cleared out the airing cupboard. It all came about because I couldn't find the white sheet I was looking for .
Anyhow in the process I came across some baby towels and little dressing gown which I can pass on to Peggy to give to the expectant mum she knows.

This morning I handed out some Lent booklets in the Oldham Hall explaining that it was not about giving up but positive things you can do .They were well received -I will try to get some feed back next week .

I am following that booklet and today two friends and I said something positive about someone behind their back ------but I would rather say it to their face!

Liza said...

I looked at the Christian Aid pilgrimage to Jerusalem which starts at the Mount of Temptation overlooking Jercho. This was interesting because last Friday I was on Mount Nebo (where Moses is buried) and that overlooks the Jordan valley too and on a clear day you can see to Jericho and Jerusalem. The first carbon fast action is to use one light bulb less - so that is what I'll do when I get home