Friday, 5 December 2008

Family and Friends

Not much time today to stop and think - I’m saving that up for tomorrow and the weekend. I have been chatting to my daughter with messenger - we do fairly regularly. Fortunately we are a fairly close family and I think we will be reasonably relaxed over Christmas - but not the images on the TV ads referenced in the book. And all those ads that appear at this time of year! Usually it’s drink but this year it seems to be CDs. I’m not sure what to make of The Priests. It doesn’t seem to be the Christmas message as I understand it. I’ve just looked at their web site: What do others think of it?

I haven’t sent a text or phoned anyone today as suggested: perhaps I’ll find time tomorrow (later today!) I did try to invite a friend to lunch a few days ago and he hasn’t responded yet - but I’m hopeful that he will.

We’re off to Arras for the weekend. A challenge to connect to the Blog but I’ll do my best. I’ll also make time to do nothing. It’ll be interesting to look at credit (Friday) Christmas tree and stars (Saturday) and eating together (Sunday) in the context of a French Christmas Fair.

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